Maretron Micro Inline Termination Resistor [IT-CM-CF]


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SKU: CWR-31795

Product Description

Micro Inline Termination Resistor

The inline terminator is used where the NMEA 2000® network is terminated at a product, for example the top of the mast at a weather instrument or GPS antenna/receiver. The inline terminator plugs directly into the product with the other end connected to the network cable

  • Micro Termination resistors usually terminate the network by plugging into a tee. The inline terminator doesn’t require a tee and easily fits within an instrument’s mounting pipe where a tee wouldn’t
  • Rugged, IP-68 rated connectors (submersible) for continued connection integrity in marine environment
  • Specifications

    • Weight: 0.1 oz
    • Width: 2 in
    • Depth: 2 in
    • Height: 2 in
    • MPN: IT-CM-CF

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