Quick HRC1002 2 Button Remote Control [FPHRC1002000C00] (Out of Stock)


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SKU: CWR-15198

Product Description


Multipurpose watertight hand held remote control 2 Button.

HRC is the new Quick range of multipurpose hand-held remote controls, designed to for remote operation of various on-board electrically operated equipment such as cranes, gangways, windlasses, sea ladders etc. HRC is constructed with rubber inserts to ensure high strength, long durability, perfect watertightness, and a secure grip. HRC remote controls are supplied complete with a connecting cable extensible up to 4.2 metres, a watertight deck plug and socket, and a support bracket for stowing after use.


  • Weight: 1.6 oz
  • Width: 7 in
  • Depth: 10 in
  • Height: 4 in
  • MPN: FPHRC1002000C00

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