Seaview 30″ Tapered Closed Dome AFT Leaning Radar Mount w/Removable Spreader 10″ x 10″ Base Plate [PMA100S] (Out of Stock)


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Product Description

30″ Tapered Closed Dome AFT Leaning Radar Mount with Removable Spreader & 10″ x 10″ Base Plate

The Seaview Tapered Masts are for most 18″ to 24″ closed dome radars or open array radars up to 4.5′.


Unlike any other mount available, Seaview takes the finish to another level. We take these Tapered Masts in their raw aluminum form through a process called Chem Film. Chem Film is a chemical conversion coating that is used as a light coat of protective covering over aluminum. After the Chem Film process, it is taken through a 3 part epoxy prime and powder coat. This is all done to ensure the best possible finish and corrosion resistance.

Easy Installation

The lower mounting plate will accept most standard 18″ and 24″ radar domes or open array radars up to 4.5′ in length. No need to drill holes to mount your radar allowing for a quick and easy setup.


Spreaders are fitted with standard 1-14 threaded fittings made out of nylon to eliminate corrosion. (Note: do not exceed 4′ antennas on spreaders). The spreaders are also removable to keep shipping costs down.

Top Mounting Plate

Feel free to mount a light to the top mounting plate!

Cable Management

Oval hollow mast section allows for easy cable management.


  • Type: Aft Leaning Mount
  • Height: 30″

Quick Guide (pdf)


  • MPN: PMA100S

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